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Class 3D

Class 3D Classroom Team 

Class Teacher

Miss K Davey

Learning Assistant Mrs A O'Sullivan




Class Charter

Year 3 Activity Evening


We have recorded some adverts for different attractions in Guatemala, which the children planned, filmed and edited themselves. Watch their videos below.

We have been making big 3D maps of Guatemala using resources found around school to show different features of the landscape. See some examples of our work below.

Charlotte's Web

We have started reading a new story in class, a play script version of Charlotte’s Web. We are working on our performance skills and have been practising using expression and intonation to improve our reading aloud.

You can see the children preparing, and below the pictures some videos of them performing extracts from the story.

Finally, they have re-enacted some of the scenes from the story using the greenscreen.

Maths - Shapes and Angles

In maths, we have been learning all about angles. We made our own angle finders which we used to find and compare different sized angles. We also looked at angles inside 2D and 3D shapes.

Spring Term 2019

Trip to the British Museum

We had an amazing trip to the British Museum in London, where some of the children experimented with some special effects using greenscreen technology!

Map Skills


Summer Term 2019


We have been using our programming skills to create models out of lego and instruct them to perform different actions. You can see some photos of the class building the models and some videos of them carrying out their instructions.


Autumn Term 2018

The Three Little Pigs Green Screen Videos

3D have been using Green Screen technology to record news reports based on the Three Little Pigs story

Arjan's Group

Arjan's Group.wmv

Binyamin's Group

Binyamin's Group.wmv

Fathi's Group

Fathi's Group.wmv

Meenakshi's Group

Meenakshi's Group.wmv

Skye's Group

Skye's Group.wmv

Tommy's Group

Tommy's Group.wmv

Twila's Group

Twila's Group.wmv

Year 3 trip to the Synagogue


In computing, we have been creating our own simple animations.

We designed our characters and then brought them to life in Scratch.

We learned about the ‘broadcast’ block and how this helps to sequence events in an algorithm.




You can watch one of animations!


3D have recently begun learning to play the recorder. We have been learning about musical notation and have used our knowledge to help us begin to play some songs. Watch the videos and listen to us playing.


3D have been learning about movement and how this is represented in art. We made our own freeze frames showing parts of a painting. We then drew people playing the games represented in our freeze frames

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