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Class 3W

Class 3W Classroom Team

Class Teacher

Miss R Wajchendler

Learning Assistant Mrs A O'Sullivan




3W Charter

Hindu Dance

In RE, we are learning about how different faiths express themselves. One way Hindus express themselves is through dance. Traditional Indian dances have meaning for every movement. We practised some of the hand gestures. Can you guess what they are showing? Then we made up some of our own gestures and movements and put a meaning to them.

We had a very exciting visitor come to talk to us about Indian dancing, Mrs Chakravarty! She began learning Indian dance at the age of 7 and taught us some more gestures.

Childrens' Games

We studied a painting by Pieter Bruegel called Children’s Games. We observed what was happening in the picture, we re-enacted some of the games then we practised drawing the figures in the painting. After that, we did freeze frames of the games we play and then drew those. Finally, we put our pictures together to imitate the original painting.




We looked at a painting by Bruegel and created freeze frames of some of the games the children in the painting were playing.

We used artist’s dummies to draw people doing actions.

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