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Class 4B

The children have been painting a picture of themselves on a ceramic tile, and when they are finished they will form a mosaic which will be mounted on a wall in the school. All the classes are participating so it should form a really amazing display! Here are some photos of Class 4B showing their work.


Poetry - Isn't My Name Magical?

The Class enjoyed being in the sun for their poetry lesson on Wednesday. They were learning about a poem called "Isn't My Name Magical?" by James Berry. As well as learning and performing the poem, they had a discussion about why the poem was written and why our names are special to us and our families.


Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week, 4B made parachutes and completed fair tests to find out which material would make the slowest, and most effective, parachute. This linked with their current science topic Forces and Motion and their English text 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. 


We went outside to investigate how shadows are formed and how we can change the shape of our shadow. We then wrote definitions and drew pictures to explain how shadows are formed.



We have been using story maps, actions and our tone of voice to retell the opening of The Firework Maker's Daughter.

4B Quest Stories

This week we have been creating, performing and writing the beginning our own quest stories in the style of Philip Pullman's The Firework Maker's Daughter. What do you think will happen next in Sophia and Alyssa's stories?

Music - Cornet Lessons

Cornet Lessons

We have been enjoying learning the cornet since September


In science we have been investigating sound vibrations and how we hear using drums and tuning forks.

4B Fun in the Snow!

Lunch at the Movies Day in 4B

There were some amazing outfits on the Lunch at the Movies theme day.

Here is a selection ..............

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