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Class 4B

Autumn Term 2018


4B had lots of fun outside yesterday exploring shadows and how we can make our own shadows larger or smaller. 


The children in 4B had a brilliant time in a huge blow up dome on Monday! They learnt lots about light including how light travels, how rainbows are formed and how a glitter ball works.

The Firework Maker's Daughter

4B have started to read a book by Philip Pullman called The Firework Maker's Daughter. Here are some of the children retelling the beginning of the story.

Trip to Hindu Mandir

4B enjoyed a sunny morning out to a Hindu Mandir today. After we arrived and took off our shoes, a lady told the children lots about Hinduism and what Hindus do when they go to a Mandir to worship.  She was also happy to answer lots of the children’s questions about the religion, their rituals and beliefs. On the journey back, the children spotted a church and a mosque and even had time to go via the park to collect conkers! What a busy morning!


This half term 4B have been learning all about Gilbert Colvin's value of resilience. To mark World Mental Health Day last Wednesday (10th October), the children had a big discussion about ways we can turn unhelpful, negative thoughts into more helpful, positive ones and how improving the way we think about challenges can help us become more resilient.

Chocolate Topic

We have been so busy having fun this week starting our new topic - Chocolate! We have been learning lots about chocolate packaging, began reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and loved listening to a poem called Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen - we even got a retweet from the poet himself!

To link with their learning about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, some children in 4B made some brilliant models of the wonderful rooms in Willy Wonka's factory for homework. 

They enjoyed sharing them with the class...some even had real sweets attached!


In mathematics, 4B have been learning about place value with four-digit numbers. They have been working really hard and gave short presentations to demonstrate how to regroup into the thousands column when adding 100 to a four-digit number. For example 5954 + 100 = 6054

Odd One Out?

4B had a great discussion about this question today!

There is no right or wrong answer but here are some of their ideas. Which do you think is the odd one out and why? A ballon, a flower or a spoon?

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