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Autumn Term 2018


The children in 4W had a brilliant time in a huge blow up explorer dome on Monday! They learnt lots about light including how light travels, how rainbows are formed and how a glitter ball works.

Firework Paintings

We have been studying the Firework Maker's Daughter this term, and in Art the children have been painting fireworks. Here they are hard at work!

The Firework Maker's Daughter

In 4W we have been reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter. We recorded ourselves retelling the beginning of the story using lots of actions to help us to remember what had happened so far.

Chocolate Topic

Our new topic this term is Chocolate! We have been learning lots about chocolate packaging, began reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

We found the golden tickets!! But there are 6 and not 5!

We will be inventing a new character for the 6th ticket.

We had a great discussion in P4C today about whether the children in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory deserved their comeuppance.


We had fun in maths playing a place value game, in which we were ordering and comparing numbers.

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