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Class 5A

The children have been painting a picture of themselves on a ceramic tile, and when they are finished they will form a mosaic which will be mounted on a wall in the school. All the classes are participating so it should form a really amazing display!

Finished Tiles

5A finished tiles

5A Performing Hiawatha's Fishing

In English this half term, 5A have been working on the poem “Hiawatha’s fishing”. This is an extract from an epic poem called “The Song of Hiawatha”

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The extract narrates the story of a Native American called Hiawatha who challenges ‘The King of Fishes’ to see who is stronger.

5A spent a lot of time planning how their poem sections should be performed. We tried out different tones, volumes, intonations and came up with gestures to portray the character’s emotions and thoughts through our own performance of the poem.

For our final performance, we used the green screen to create the effect of being by the sea to fully immerse ourselves into the enactment.

Watch 5A perform their poem sections in front of the green screen!


Class Trip to the Tower of London

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