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Class 5A

As part of the Ramadam celebrations in school, our Year 5 pupils performed a Ramadam Assembly to the rest of the pupils and some parents.

We made a separate recording so that those who missed the live performance can see it.


macbeth pic 2

Who is to be blamed for the murder of King Duncan? That is the question!

Class 5N is studying Macbeth this term. The question we had to think about in this lesson was, ‘Who is to blame for King Duncan’s death? ‘. Miss Nayager chose two lawyers to gather evidence from potential witnesses. Each witness had to imagine that they were at the castle when the heinous crime was committed! The witnesses created a persuasive statement to convince the judge (Miss Nayager) that either Lady Macbeth or Macbeth was to blame.

Miss Nayager interrogated us and we had to use evidence from the play to justify our responses! We are still awaiting the outcome so the trial continues!

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