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Class 5R

As part of the Ramadam celebrations in school, our Year 5 pupils performed a Ramadam Assembly to the rest of the pupils and some parents.

We made a separate recording so that those who missed the live performance can see it.



Space and Beyond

Trial of the Century! Class 5R

5R conducted a ‘court room battle’ as part of studying Macbeth this term. The witnesses comprised for Lady Macbeth: her Chamber Maid, Servants, Assassins and The Watchman. For Macbeth: his Horsekeeper and the Witches.

Each witness was put on trial by the Judge (Miss Rehman) and we had to persuade her that either Macbeth or Lady Macbeth was to blame for the awful deed.

We have been gathering further evidence as many of us have been unable to convince the judge and one of the witnesses themselves may even appear to be guilty. Hence the Trial continues!



Class 5R Learning

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