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Trewern Outdoor Education Centre - Year 6 Trip

Sunday - yesArrived safe and sound, then settled into their rooms before dinner

Monday - smileyThe day started drizzly but soon cleared.Great fun was had in the river Wye in the canoes despite minor head injuries to Mr Sanderson due to some dodgy steering by his group! Caving was at its spooky best, although Mr Wilson didn't make it through the infamous letterbox section yet again! All smiles from the kids as they enjoy hot showers back at base and the prospect of a delicious dinner tonight.

Tuesday - After a long restful night's sleep the children sprang out of bed bright and early ready for another day's adventures! A substantial breakfast and kitted up we headed for the hills. More excitement in the dark with the caving group. Squeezing through narrow gaps with icy water. Gorge walking for Group 2 meant another dunking! Challenges for the mountaineering crew as they laboured up the local hills a less than impressive 100m!

Wednesday - The early morning mists hung about the hills long into the day but this didn't stop our intrepid hill walkers who reached the dizzy heights of Hay Bluff.The marker for the summit is the Welsh dragon and it is close to the English/Welsh border. The opportunity of having one foot in England and the other in Wales was too hilarious to miss- no passports required! Another group tried their hand at canoeing on the canal. Rolling the canoes was not part of the session but a few children gave it a go anyway! The gorge walking group encountered enchanted waterfalls and clear pools of icy water. We then threw ourselves in screaming!  Riyon decided to leave his wellies behind for posterity despite our instructor Stephen, Mr. Sanderson and Miss Wilmot risking hyperthermia to hunt for them in the deep freezing waters.The children have done a sterling job at Trewern house  with their duties so be prepared for them to help out with the dishwasher and setting the table when they're back home! 

Thursday - coolBrilliant sunshine greeted us this morning as the groups headed out for the final day of adventures. Group 1 headed for Hay Bluff today and Samay took the opportunity to try and crush the minibus (see photographic evidence). Saffron took to the climbing wall with ease but didn't quite make the 'chocolate challenge. Group 2 had great fun messing about on canoes on the river which included a 'Splash battle'. Group 3 explored the caves and climbed into the locally named 'Elephant's Bottom'. The whole group ended the day by celebrating Aanya's 11th Birthday with a delicious chocolate cake, courtesy of the Trewern chef. An early start tomorrow ready for our long journey home and bidding a fond farewell to Trewern.

Friday - Journey home today, back at school this afternoon!


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