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Geography at Gilbert Colvin Primary School

At Gilbert Colvin we believe Geography provides a unique opportunity for environmental education; citizenship and learning about other cultures. Furthermore, the children have a once in a lifetime/ amazing opportunity to apply their skills acquired in Geography through fieldwork. Every child has the right to education on Geography focusing on places and environments in different parts of the world, and on issues which arise about how these are changing.

We aim to educate children on Geography through the study of real places at different scales and of how the people living there are influenced by and effect the environment of those places. We encourage children to explore the relationship between the earth and its people, exploring the school grounds and the surrounding environment to enhance their locational awareness. Geography studies the location of physical and human features of the earth and the processes, systems and interrelations that create and influence them. The character of places, the subject’s central focus derives from the interaction of people and environment.

We facilitate children to develop their understanding by

·        Stimulating pupils’ interest in the world around them and to foster a sense of the world around them

·        Helping pupils develop an informed concern for the quality of the environment

·        Enhancing the pupils’ sense of responsibility for the care of the earth and its people

·        Developing a range of skills to interpret geographical information and to carry out geographical enquiry

What our children think about Geography at Gilbert Colvin Primary School

“We learnt about our areas, we drew pictures of our areas. Our area (reference to the school) has office, toilets and playground.” Year 1 pupil

“Outside we have hospitals, a place where we go if we are not well.” Year 1 pupil

“We learnt about Morocco, they eat couscous. They use a tagine to put their food inn. It’s really hot, but sometimes it’s cold. They speak Arabic” Year 1 pupil

“They have a bazaar, shops outside. They don’t have shops inside like us.” Year 1 pupil

“We learnt about Duluth in Minnesota and compared it to Redbridge.” Year 5 pupil

“In Duluth they have a lake. It’s one of the biggest lake in the world.” Year 5 pupil

“We looked at maps, we were locating museums, universities. We looked at maps of Redbridge, Barkingside and the City.” Year 5 pupil

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