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P4C at Gilbert Colvin Primary School

Philosophy for children (P4C) is an enquiry based approach to open up children’s learning through the exploration of ideas.  It gives children the possibility of seeing that their ideas have value, and that others have different ideas that have value too.

P4C is firmly embedded throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6, ensuring that children are able to benefit from the topics discussed. P4C is a regular and frequent element of the school’s timetable, both as explicit P4C sessions and as an integral part of the wider curriculum

Gilbert Colvin School has a strong desire that the educational opportunities provided for all our pupils support and develop the whole child. We recognise that if we enable children to become independent and critical learners they will also achieve higher levels of attainment other than by simply focusing upon the teaching of core and academic subjects.

Our mission is that We believe that we can achieve an ever-increasing potential by meeting challenges head on, working together, valuing our diversity and giving generously of ourselves. As a result, we will become lifelong learners fully prepared for an exciting future.

At Gilbert Colvin, children are taught how to create their own philosophical questions from a stimulus such as a story, poem, short film, object or image. These are often, but not always, linked to curriculum topics. Children choose one question that becomes the focus of a philosophical enquiry or dialogue and the teacher, as facilitator, supports the children in their thinking, reasoning and questioning. P4C helps children at Gilbert Colvin become more aware of cultural capital and helps them understand issues that arise worldwide and within our community.

What our children think about P4C at Gilbert Colvin Primary School:

“I enjoy P4C because you can give an answer and nobody is right or wrong. You can just give your opinion.”  Year 2 Pupil

“I enjoy learning new different things and how everyone has a chance to speak. It’s really fun.”  Year 5 Pupil

“I enjoy agreeing and disagreeing with people because you can listen to others and convince them if you make a strong point. It also helps us to understand out school values.” Year 3 Pupil

“I like it when we learn about topics. It allows me to say what I think but at the same time making sure we include everyone and listen to each other’s ideas.” Year 5 Pupil

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