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Science at Gilbert Colvin Primary School

At Gilbert Colvin Primary School we believe that every child deserves an education that is both enjoyable and engaging. Science at Gilbert Colvin encompasses this very belief.

Our pupils are provided with high quality, challenging science education, which also incorporates opportunities for outdoor learning, enabling them to experience a sense of excitement and curiosity, as well as helping them to develop their respect and understanding of the world in which they live.

We help our children to develop their understanding of Science by encouraging them to use the scientific enquiry process:

·         Observing and exploring the world around them.

·         Asking questions and making predictions based on their scientific enquiry.

·         Developing their observation and recording skills.

·         Looking for patterns in their findings and consider the accuracy of their results.

·         Explaining their findings using the scientific knowledge they have developed.


What our children think about Science at Gilbert Colvin Primary School

“The work is stimulating and gets our brains thinking. Students enjoy the learning.” Year 6 Pupil

“We find the lessons challenging and fun which helps engage our mind and deepens our understanding. This really helps us to progress.” Year 6 Pupil

“Learning science is really fun because we learn through the experiments we carry out in class. I enjoy carrying out investigations such as the one about air resistant using parachutes, which we made out of plastic bags.” Year 4 Pupil

“I like learning science at Gilbert Colvin because I enjoy learning about science through the experiments we do in class.  The activities are really inspiring and they make me want to become a scientist.” Year 3 Pupil

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