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Indoor Athletics

Gilbert Colvin competed in the Indoor Athletics competition at Beal High School on Wednesday 24th January.

With 6 field events and 6 track events it was going to be a busy afternoon for the children. Every member of the team gave 100% effort and commitment while showing great perseverance even when they were getting tired.  

After all the points were added together Gilbert Colvin finished in ninth place. Our best performance was in the girl’s long jump where we earned a very creditable fourth place.

The children were a credit to each other and the school with their encouragement and attitude.


Muhammad Abdullah 6Q, Jaeda 6Q, Mathura 6Q, Misch 6D, Suruthigaa 6D, Payel  6D, Ashwiin 6D, Hassan 6D, Ropafadzo 6D, Ali 5S, Ashley 5S.
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