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At Gilbert Colvin Primary School, we aim to prepare pupils for an increasingly more international world by teaching a modern foreign language. Learning a language exposes pupils to other cultures and helps to build a tolerance and understanding of others and their lives and traditions. As well as encouraging curiosity in the world around them, learning a foreign language provides practical opportunities for our pupils to communicate with people from other countries, as well as equipping them with the skills to study and work abroad in the future. We have chosen Spanish as our modern foreign language throughout the school; a language spoken by hundreds of millions of people, in over 20 countries worldwide.

We teach an exciting Spanish curriculum, using techniques which will engage children of all ages and allow them to retain the words and phrases they have learnt. Games and songs are used, as well as reading and enjoying original Spanish stories and texts.

In EYFS and KS1, children begin to be exposed to words and simple sentences in Spanish, focusing on topics such as colours, numbers and animals. They begin to understand and answer simple questions using taught vocabulary. In lower KS2, this knowledge is built on through simple conversation, where pupils begin to ask questions and explore topics with increasing confidence. Although the focus is largely on speaking and listening, some grammar begins to be introduced. In upper KS2, pupils begin to read and write longer pieces of work. They learn how to conjugate simple, common verbs and begin to accurately use the masculine and feminine forms for nouns.

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