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Music means different things to different people and it is this universal language that we aim to teach and deliver to all our students at Gilbert Colvin.  Our aim is simple: we want to engage and inspire our students to develop their sense of creativity and talent as young musicians.

 Music plays an important part of our school life, and all classes have regular weekly lessons where they are able to learn music skills such as listening  and composing as well as performing.

The teaching varies across the Early Years and Key Stages 1 and 2. In Early Years, music is not just confined to the weekly lessons but is rather applied in all areas of the child’s learning through their sense of listening and singing so that they are able to sing songs from memory as well as using different musical instruments.

In Key Stage 1, students are taught to use their voices in a range of ways, use musical instruments to perform, and even talk about the mood a piece of music may invoke in them. By Key Stage 2, they are then expected to understand how music is produced as well as how it is composed. Throughout the process and years, students should be able to critically engage with music by listening, reviewing and evaluating a wide range of music

We take great pride in the music opportunities that we are able to offer to our students. From Year 2, all students are able to learn a musical instrument and develop their passion for other instruments. We currently have students learning the recorder, violin, cello, guitar, samba drums and a range from the brass instrument family.

At Gilbert Colvin we have high expectations of our students and we look forward to the opportunities where we are able to showcase their talent, whether this is through concert performances, the biennial Royal Albert Hall event and more recently, at the Barbican with the London Symphony Orchestra.

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