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Phonics at Gilbert Colvin Primary School

At Gilbert Colvin Primary School we have a committed and desired aim to ensure that all children have the opportunity to become an accomplished and enthused reader. To support them with this in their early stages of reading we follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme. It is delivered through Phases 1-5 and each Phase has specific knowledge and reading skill set. This programme is progressive in its teaching approach and matches the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and the National Curriculum.

Phonics is taught from Nursery where children get to use both our indoor and wonderful outdoor environment to recognise distinguishable sounds and noises and are encouraged to copy these with their own voice. In Reception the children learn in a specific order about the individual sounds that each letter of the alphabet make. They start to read words containing two, three or four individual sounds by using blending as a skill to read the whole word. They also use segmenting as a strategy for spelling these words with confidence.

Children progress with their phonic knowledge by learning about digraph and trigraph sounds (two or three letters together respectively which make one sound). This learning continues into Year 1 where our timetabling of Phonics reflects our ambition for children to become proficient readers. Towards the end of Year 1 all children partake in the national Phonic Screening Check. We regularly assess the children’s progress with their Phonics throughout the year in order to support them accordingly to their stage in reading.           

In every lesson we want all children to feel that sense of achievement in making them feel that they are actively an engaged reader. We teach the importance of understanding that vocabulary has meaning in our world and how reading allows our communication and writing to also develop. Here are some comments from children which capture the enjoyment they feel towards the teaching of Phonics at Gilbert Colvin Primary School:

“Tricky [word] Tuesday is about learning why some words cannot be sounded out.”    

“I love it when a word or sentence appears next to our photo and everyone has to read it.”

“I can use my sound mat and cubes to spell words I have read.”


Phonics Screening Years 1 & 2

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