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Home Learning - Nursery

Top Tips for Parents

Being a parent is very special but can also be very challenging (particularly during Lockdown)!  We hope the Top Tips below will help you to support your child’s learning at home.

  • Feelings matter – Both children’s emotions and your own are part of any situation.  It is helpful to be aware of your own mood as well as your child’s
  • Don’t expect to be perfect – Everyone has a bad day.  Children can be very forgiving as long as we are thoughtful most of the time
  • Try to see things from your child’s point of view – This will help you to help them as they learn
  • Let your child be a child – ‘A skilled five year old grows from a busy four year old, a curious three year old, a cuddled two year old, an adventurous one year old and a communicative baby’
  • Be playful in your approach – Then you will both enjoy the experience more
  • Routine activities e.g. family mealtimes and everyday resources are a great opportunity for learning – Make the most of them!
  • Make time to talk and listen – Simply talking with your child plays a vital role in getting them ready for skills like reading.  Remember to talk about things your child is especially interested in.  And learning to listen is something we all need to practice!
  • Try not to feel anxious – If you are unsure about your child’s progress you can always talk to someone at the setting/your childminder
  • Remember that every child is different and they do not grow and learn at the same rate.  The following document may help you to understand what to expect at different ages and stages and provide further ideas for helping your child’s learning and development at home:


Music with Mr Brinsdon

Happy Tunes
J.S.Bach - Prelude in C Major

What does this piece make you think about?

Is it happy or sad?

Does it make you think of anything?

New Song - Yellow Submarine

We all live on a yellow submarine,

Yellow submarine,

Yellow submarine,

We all live in a yellow submarine,

Yellow submarine,

Yellow submarine.


Draw me a picture

We have just sung about being in a Yellow submarine

Can you draw me a picture


Write me a description

Of what your submarine looks like

(I think mine will be purple!)

A-Z Logos

Rhyming Match Quiz

Where's the Puppy

PE Challenge 2

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