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Transition Guidance for Parents – Reception to Year 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are very much looking forward to seeing all of the children back to school in September.

Under normal circumstances the children would be visiting their new teachers and their new classrooms during this half term. As this can’t happen for all children this year, we will support their transition as best we can on their return in September. We will be working with the children to identify any gaps in learning quickly and provide any catch up needed in the Autumn term.

As the transition into Year 1 gets closer, take time to talk to your child about the move to their new class and how they feel about it. Remember that this is going to be a very different transition for your children due to the unusual circumstances. Some children may naturally have mixed feelings related to their move into the next year group. It is our shared responsibility as adults to listen carefully to how they feel, acknowledge any concerns as real and support them in addressing those worries.

To start the conversation, it is important to use positive language such as:

“What do you think about Year 1?” or “Have you got any questions about Year 1?”

Rather than negative language such as:

“Are you worried about going into Year 1?”

Try thinking about things that will be the same:

You will have a teacher and other grown-ups to look after you and help you, just like you do in Reception.

You will be with your friends from class.

You will have your lunch in the dinner hall, just like in Reception.

You can still ask to go to the toilet when you need to.

You will play outside with your friends, just like you do in Reception.

There will be work to do and fun activities, just like you do in Reception.

Please work with your child to complete the transition homework which should be brought into school for the new teacher on the first day back.


The school will follow any government guidance in relation to COVID-19.

When the children return they will go into their Year 1 class with their new teacher and Learning Support Assistant, and the Early Years Lead, Reception teachers and Learning Support Assistants will help them settle in.

In September, time will be given to children settling back into school and re-establishing routines. Staff will adjust the curriculum so that the children can complete the Early Years’ Reception Curriculum, before moving onto the Year 1 Curriculum. Elements of the Year 1 Curriculum will be prioritised to ensure key learning points are given the emphasis that is needed to move the children on. We will be asking you as parents/carers to support us in this. Next year, your role is going to be crucial. We will need you to reinforce at home, what has been taught in school. The more opportunity that the children have to practise at home, the more they will make progress.

We look forward to working in partnership with you in September to ensure the best outcomes for your child.

Best wishes,

Ms Fasham

Early Years Leader

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