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Year 1 Home Learning

A message to all the Year 1 children

Year 1 Message.mp4
Tuesday 13th October


20 Mins

Recap reading the words below which contain the ‘nk’ sound.

Read the sentences below containing some of the above words and then write your own sentences using some of the words:

1) I can see lots of fish in the tank.

2) He can brush his teeth in the sink.

3) Pick up the pink cup and drink from it.


15 Mins

Practise writing the following words by forming them as shown – start on the line for each letter and write a line for each word:

his            to        him       had


30 Mins

Number bonds to 5 are about which two numbers can be added together to total 5 (e.g. 3 + 2).

Look at these three ten frames which show how the top and bottom rows can be added together to make 5. Say and write the addition equation for these.

Next use the ten frame link below to consider the 3 other possible arrangements of 5 to show an addition bond. For example 4 could be along the top part and 1 on the bottom. Once again, say and write the addition equation.


Listen to this song about number bonds to 5.  Which ones can you remember?



30 Mins

Today we will be looking at the next part of the Beegu story.

Can you remember what has happened so far in the story?







How is Beegu feeling in the first picture? How do you know she is feeling like this?

The second picture shows Beegu finding the “perfect place”.

What does ‘perfect’ mean?

Where do you think she is?

Why do you think Beegu thinks she has found the perfect place?

How is Beegu feeling now? What is Beegu doing?

Have a look at the faces of the children, how are they feeling about Beegu being there? How do you know?

Who do you think the adult is in the back?

What do you think she will say?


20 mins

Do you know what ‘being fair’ means?

Watch the video link below which will explain being fair to you:


Talk to an adult at home and tell them what it means to be fair.

Can you think of a time that you were being fair?

How could you remember to be fair going forward?

Ask your family if they can tell you a time that they were fair too and share your stories with each other.


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