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Year 5 Home Learning

Monday 19th October


L.O : Interpreting line graphs

Click on the link below for your Maths learning:


Whilst you are following the video, you will be instructed to pause the video as you go along and try the questions on a sheet of paper.

It might be useful to use squared paper if you have access to this. Alternatively please click on the link below to download squared paper..


Additional Daily Activities:

  • Practise your times tables every day using times table rock stars.
  • Use J2 Maths Blast to practise your arithmetic skills. https://www.j2e.com/j2blast
  • Please use Education city to practise skills linked to your learning objectives each day- Play live multiplication
  • Maths.co.uk

Black History - Research facts about the Mary Rose: 


Why was the Mary Rose so important to King Henry VIII? 

Why was it so important to him that Jacques Francis made many dangerous dives to recover artefacts from this ship? 

What did he want Jacques Francis to find?










Draw a picture of the Mary Rose. Bring your picture in to school with your for display.

English (reading):  Ensure you have read all of the Street Child chapters you were given to take home.  We will be continuing the story, the final chapter, tomorrow!

Well-being Mindfulness exercises: https://www.cosmickids.com/mindfulness-meditation-videos-kids/


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