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Governor Profiles

  • Mr R. Mark Hemsley - Headteacher

    I believe that the children are at the heart of everything we strive for. Our aim to make the school an exciting place of  learning enables us to  make much of the opportunity we have to take the children on visits to both the city and the local countryside.


  • Mr James Clements - Chair




  • Mr Rajpal Padam - Vice Chair

    Co-opted Governor. 

  • Ms Kerry Simpkins - Co-opted Governor

    I am closely involved with Gilbert Colvin, with 2 children currenly attending the school. I have also been involved with the Parents' Association, who work tirelessly to plan and organise a variety of events to raise funds for the school, which in turn contributes to improving the range of resources available to the children.

  • Mr Ilyas Natha - Co-opted Governor

    Co-opted Governor. 

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