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Governor Profiles

  • Mark Hemsley - Headteacher

    I believe that the children are at the heart of everything we strive for. Our aim to make the school an exciting place of  learning enables us to  make much of the opportunity we have to take the children on visits to both the city and the local countryside.


  • James Clements - Chair

    Coming from a varied career as a freelance composer, turned teacher, and now a senior leader in a local Independent School, my passion has always been helping young people to succeed and achieve their very best. Before arriving at Gilbert Colvin, my previous voluntary role was as an educational advisor to the Aquinas Trust in South London, providing advice to six Primary Schools in the Trust. Governance was a natural next step, and I have an in-depth knowledge of educational policy in the local and national context. At Gilbert Colvin, I was previously Chair of the Curriculum & Standards Committee, and last year I was elected Chair of Governors. Being Chair sees me facilitate the governing board working as a team to challenge, support and contribute to the strategic leadership of the school. As well as the leader of the board, I wear many 'hats'; I am sometimes a confidante, manager, critical friend, cheerleader, ambassador, arbitrator, mentor, and coach.

  • Nandia Fytraki




  • Kate Clark

    After more than twenty years in teaching, over a decade of which was spent in school leadership roles, becoming a governor was the next obvious step. It affords me an opportunity to use and develop my pedagogical and leadership skills in a board-level environment. My years spent garnering additional training and qualifications can be put to good use again. I enjoy being driven to read around what’s happening policy-wise, both nationally and locally, and understand where this school fits into the wider picture. Understanding both the vison and the limitations of the school and its stakeholders needs a sympathetic, knowledgeable and sensitive approach which I can give. I am able to share my unique experiences, perspectives and insights into decision-making in the best interests of the school community and to support the teachers and leaders at the school. 

  • Daniel Acheampang
  • Marianne Agwada




  • Ashlee Ramanathan




  • Russell Wilson

    I joined Gilbert Colvin in September 2011 as a PE teacher, after previously working in a variety of schools since 2005. Prior to that I had worked for the Post Office for 21 years. I am interseted in a wide range of sports and coach the school football team, run the after school Gardening Club and help organise the TFL walk cycle and scoot to school travel initiative.

  • Kieran Yeates

    I'm originally from Leeds but have been based in East London for over 10 years. I work in the music and tech sectors and am very passionate about inclusion & diversity, and allowing all children to be given the best tools to prepare them for life. 

  • Greg Robbins - Clerk




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