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Governor Profiles

  • Ms Shabana Tasleem - Parent Governor - Vice Chair

    I decided to apply as a parent governor because I have four children at this school. I am currently working in the Civil Service. I would relish the opportunity to take on the role as  a parent governor and look forward to developing myself into the role. I feel I  can cast an independent eye over the workings of the school. I am of the belief  in the potential of education to improve children’s life chances, through giving  them opportunities to discover their potential and explore their relationships to  the world in which they live. Just like every other parent at this school, I want the  very best for our children. I want them to be happy, confident and strive to be the very best they can in terms of the school setting the baseline to provide excellent opportunities for local children. As parents, we need to support the school. Gilbert Colvin is a good school and just like everyone else, I want it to continue to be and improve further to eventually become outstanding.

  • Mrs Malli Govindarajan, MSc - Parent Governor

    I have been living in Clayhall for over 10 years and currently  have 2 children attending Gilbert Colvin. My eldest who is at  a secondary school also went to Gilbert Colvin. It is my  belief that quality education gives good foundation for  childrens’ future and I have therefore been actively involved  in supporting our school. I became a parent governor on  26/11/2015, and prior to this I have served as a treasurer  for the school’s PTFA for a number of years. I am a qualified  accountant working in the city for the investment arm of a pension fund. Throughout my career I have developed myself professionally and have acquired various skills. I have recently gained MSc in Investment Management and with these skills, together with my commitment to the governing body, I am trying to make a positive contribution to the school.

  • Mr R. Mark Hemsley - Headteacher

    I believe that the children are at the heart of everything we strive for. Our aim to make the school an exciting place of  learning enables us to  make much of the opportunity we have to take the children on visits to both the city and the local countryside.


  • Miss Kat Davey - Staff Governor

    I am the staff governor, currently teaching Year 6 at Gilbert Colvin Primary School. I began working here as a newly qualified teacher in September 2013, following on from several years teaching overseas. Gilbert Colvin is a great place to work. There are hardworking and dedicated pupils and a fantastic and supportive team. I have taken on the role of governor to represent staff members in the school, as well as to contribute towards the continued success of Gilbert Colvin.

  • Mrs Carel Buxton - Chair

    My name is Carel Buxton and I have the privilege of being Chair of Governors at Gilbert Colvin Primary school. I was a primary teacher for 38 years, 25 of them as a headteacher and local authority adviser. Our first priority in school is to ensure the children are safe and happy so they can be free to enjoy their learning. Gilbert Colvin is a good school with dedicated staff who provide a well-rounded curriculum. Children have a good experience at our school. The school governors will continue to support and challenge the school to continue to do the best it can for your children.

  • Ms Kerry Simpkins - Co-opted Governor

    I am closely involved with Gilbert Colvin, with 2 children currenly attending the school. I have also been involved with the Parents' Association, who work tirelessly to plan and organise a variety of events to raise funds for the school, which in turn contributes to improving the range of resources available to the children.

  • Mr Aziz Anwar - Co-opted Governor

    Recently appointed as  a co-opted Governor. I work as Head of Securities at Deutsche Bank and I bring my experience to the Governor role, where my responsibility is Finance.

  • Mr Ilyas Natha - Co-opted Governor

    Recently appointed as  a co-opted Governor. 

  • Mr Rajpal Padam - Co-opted Governor

    Recently appointed as  a co-opted Governor. 

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