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Allocation of Pupil Premium Funding 2014-15

The Pupil Premium funding is allocated to schools from the Department for Education for all children who are entitled to Free School Meals, Looked after Children and the children of parents serving in the armed services.

At Gilbert Colvin Primary School we are committed to ensuring that all our children achieve and make excellent progress regardless of their gender, ethnic background, family income or background.

The progress of all children is regularly tracked throughout the year to ensure no individuals or groups of children fall behind. Where required, interventions are put into place so that children can catch up. The pupil premium funding has allowed us to finance a wide variety of interventions and strategies which are detailed below.

The success of these strategies is evaluated regularly to check their impact on the progress of our pupils. Where a strategy has not been successful it may be adapted or discontinued to ensure that what we are doing is worthwhile and so that we achieve good value for money.

Amount received per pupil £1300
Number of pupils 92
Total amount of Pupil Premium received £119,600

How was the Pupil Premium spent in 2014-15?

Strategy Purpose
Employment of a non- class based Inclusion Leader Greater focus on pupils with specific needs, child protection, CAFs, liaison with and support for families, improving SEN provision and deployment of support staff to ensure impact.
Employment of additional group teachers for Year 5 and 6 Focus teaching in Maths and English in smaller groups to accelerate progress for targeted pupils including PP group.
Teacher/ pupil conferences Teachers released to work with pupils one to one and in small groups to review their current learning and address any gaps in the children’s learning; to review and set targets and to discuss learning strategies to enhance future learning.
Team teaching by Senior Leadership team SLT out of class to improve quality first teaching by monitoring and providing action plans and focussed feedback to all staff on a weekly basis. Team teaching to ensure all teaching is good or better.
Employing support staff to deliver one to one and small group interventions Catch up phonics programme for identified pupils to include PP to ensure all children become fluent and confident readers.

Catch up Maths programme ‘Power of one’ to ensure children become confident handling number and early mathematics skills.
Behaviour groups Training and deployment of staff to support pupils with their behaviour and/ or social skills.
Subsidies for enrichment activities Part funding of activities such as instrument tuition, school visits including the Year 6 visit to Glasbury enables disadvantaged pupils to have experiences otherwise beyond their means.

Impact of this funding for 2014-15

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