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Sports Premium 2017/2018

                                                                                 Sports premium 2017/18          £20,560






CPD for teachers to continue professional development training.

To continuously improve the quality of teaching, to provide good and outstanding lessons.



Outcomes and impact monitored regularly. Showing better subject knowledge. Continuing to introduce knew subjects on to the curriculum.

Planning and lesson observations. Using the iris to record lessons.

Children to be able to compete and attend more school competitions and tournaments. Release for teachers to attend competitions. Transport traveling to and from venues.

To make regular improvements when competing against other schools and have more children representing the school. To give gifted and talented greater opportunities.



Children will gain valuable experience working as part of a team. Challenging themselves to make personal improvements. Having pride in representing their school. Children being fitter and healthier gaining more experience of winning and losing.

League tables of competitions. School records kept of how many children have represented school, and in how many events. Children receive certificates and medals.

To provide extra swimming lessons to enable children to achieve the national expected level.

To enable the Children to have the best opportunity to be able to swim and reach the expected standard.



Children will be more confident around water. To encourage children to take up swimming outside of school and be more active.

Children receive certificates for progressing through the levels, and can qualify to represent the bough in competitions.

Regular curriculum overview. Buying new resources and equipment. Adding new activities and schemes of work.

To give children the opportunity to experience new games and sports. Give children the opportunity to invent their own games and put them in to practice. The opportunity for children to plan an activity.



 A greater knowledge of a wider range of sports. More children wanting to represent their school. Children are proud to wear their school emblem when visiting different venues with the school. 

Planning and lesson observations. 

Playground Development. Including projects and purchase of equipment and games

To give the children the opportunity to challenge themselves, and work as an individual or part of a team. To set each other tasks to complete. To learn how to use equipment they may not have seen or used before.



Children are more active during lunchtime and gain more confidence. They engage with children from different age groups and classes.

High levels of positive behaviour and activity at lunchtimes, children working in teams and encouraging others to participate. Children inventing new games to play. Lunch time leaders teaching younger children different games.

Develop a wider range of clubs and activities.

Provide children with the chance to enrich their knowledge of a variety of sporting activities. To create more links with outside clubs and teams. Educating children about the importance of getting active.



Increased participation in clubs encouraging children to be more active, and interested in joining clubs out of school. Children become healthier and fitter. Less obesity amongst children who are normally less active.

School records will show increase in participation in clubs. Improved results in school competitions. More opportunities to represent the School. The chance to be our sportsperson of the year.


The continued investment into our playground and sports equipment, will ensure that all our future pupils will have the same ongoing opportunities that our current pupils receive now. By up - skilling our staff, we are investing in the future learning of the children.




































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