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Punctuality and Attendance

School Hours

It is important that your child arrives to school on time in the morning, and that they are collected on time at the end of the school day.

School hours are as follows:-


Nursery hours are 8:55am - 11.55 am

Nursery Parents - Please note the Nursery Gate opens 5 minutes before the start and end of the session

Reception Classes

Doors open at 8:50am for Registration at 9:00am

School finishes at 3:05pm

Key Stage 1

Doors open at 8:50am for Registration at 9:00am

School finishes at 3:10pm

Key Stage 2

Doors open at 8:50am for Registration at 9:00am

School finishes at 3:20pm

Attendance Matters

Illness - You should advise the school as soon as possible and on a daily basis of your child's absence. You will be expected to provide medical evidence for absence of three days or more.

Medical appointments - Try to arrange appointments during school holidays, at weekends or after school hours. Naturally, there will be times when this isn't possible but you must try to give as much advance warning as possible and take the appointment letter or card into school.

Religious festivals - You must ask the school in advance for time off for religious reasons. A maximum of three days will be considered for religious observance only in any one academic year.

Holidays - In accordance with Government guidelines, leave of absence during term time will not be authorized except in the most exceptional of circumstances. Parents will be liable to incur a fine for unauthorized absence of their child.

Persistent lateness - If your child is persistently late the school can ask the Local Authority to implement a penalty notice to the parent or carer.

A maximum of seven late attendances during any one half term could generate a penalty notice being implemented.

See more at: Redbridge attendance guidelines 

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