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Online Safety

Screen time: how to keep your child safe       

Screen time can be an easy way to keep children entertained during weekends and holidays. Know the risks, and what you can do to keep your child safe and healthy.

The risks - Spending time on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and game consoles can be positive and trouble-free, but it can also put your child at risk of:

  • Online bullying
  • Seeing sexual or violent photos, videos or other images
  • Grooming (when someone builds a relationship with a child to exploit or abuse them)
  • Not getting enough exercise

Click on the documents below for advice and tips.

Childnet Information and Advice for Parents and Carers

The Childnet leaflet is available in various languages below.

At Gilbert Colvin we take the safety and welfare of our pupils very seriously, including how to be safe when using the internet. There are are variety of resources available with tips, games and links to various websites so you know your children can "surf the net" safely.

Additional guidance for parents can be found on the following websites and addresses concerns parents may have about the various online activities your child may be involved with. 

If you or anyone you know is worried about Child Exploitation, Online Protection or anything related to Internet safety please click the link below which will take you to the CEOP reporting website:

CEOP Helpful links to look at with your family

  Think You Know Age 5 - 7

  Think You Know Age 8 - 10

  Think You Know Age 11 - 13

 Tips for staying safe online:

  • Make sure you keep new online friends strictly online. If someone you don't know asks to be your online friend you must ensure an adult knows about it.
  • Know how to use the CEOP Button and how to report it to the CEOP Centre if you are concerned about someone‚Äôs online behaviour towards you.


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