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Monday, 23rd January 2017

Dear Parents,

Each year we gather data on pupils, which is used by the school and education services for a variety of reasons. This year some additional data was included at the request of the Department of Education (DfE) which gathered information on ethnicity, nationality, country of birth and proficiency in English.  Last week the DfE issued revised guidance confirming that parents have both the right to refuse to provide this data and have the right to request that this data is retracted at any time.

Although the data is part of a wider data collection carried out by the DfE (which is used to help determine school funding among other things), the DfE have asked all schools to advise parents that any data on these aspects has not been passed to the Home Office and will not be passed to the Home Office at any point in the future.

I hope this reassures parents that the data collected was for educational purposes only, but if you nevertheless wish to have the data you provided retracted, please do let us know.

Yours sincerely,


Debbie Wiles

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