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School Council

Our main aim is to let Gilbert Colvin pupils have a “voice” in some of the decisions made by the leaders of the school.

  • We like to listen to our pupils’ ideas and concerns.
  • We hold a meeting every week.
  • An agenda is sent out every week to the council representatives which we discuss.
  • Minutes of the meetings are displayed on the school council board for all the school to read.
  • Class meetings are held weekly 12.45 -1.10pm Friday lunchtime, to discuss outcome of council meetings.

School Council

2N: Audiessh and Olivia 2V: Kaiden and Zayna
3B: Joshua and Samah 3D: Tommy and Twila
4B Kaveen and Romaisa 4W: Shaun and Laiba
5B: James and Mayah 5M: Ehsaan and Alyssa
6D: Lucas and Noor 6Q: Hashim and Lyba

Online Safety Assembly

The school council recently performed a fabulous assembly all about online safety!

They communicated this important message about our SMART rules to the whole school.

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School Council visit to the Houses of Parliament

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